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Sensor Specifications

Planar Gas-Path Temperature

In the hot section, knowledge of gas temperature is necessary to estimate heat transfer to surfaces, combustion stoichiometry, and burner pattern factor. In the compressor, the efficiency of each stage can be related to the temperature rise across each stage.

Current Sensor Needs

The most common method of measuring gas temperature is the thermocouple probe. Its use at high temperature is limited by the melting point of the thermocouple and by chemical attack by the constituents of the gas stream. Hence higher melting point, more chemically inert thermocouple materials are desirable. The various optical and acoustic methods are not subject to the above limitations and should also be further developed.

Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) Members Addressing This Need

Aerodyn Engineering, Inc.

Cleveland Electric Laboratories Company, Inc.

Sporian Microsystems, Inc.