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Sensor Specifications

Surface Temperature Mapping

Measurement of surface temperature over 80% of blade airfoil surface for all blades in the turbine is necessary for test monitoring and to verify turbine durability at the combustion temperatures necessary for high thermal efficiency in aircraft and power generation turbine engine applications.

Current Sensor Needs

Conventional techniques using embedded thermocouples create unacceptable stress concentrations, particularly where the wall thickness of the blade is small, and have limited life and airfoil coverage. Thus, the need is for less intrusive techniques (for example thin film thermocouples) or non-intrusive techniques (for example pyrometry and thermographic phosphors) of surface temperature mapping. Also, ceramic thermal barrier coatings are generally translucent to the operating wavelengths (0.4 to 1.8 microns) of current pyrometers used in turbine development. Consequently a surface temperature cannot be determined from the radiant power measured. Also, there is a need to measure the surface temperatures non-metal components (for example ceramic metal composites).

Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) Members Addressing This Need

Cleveland Electric Laboratories Company, Inc.

Sporian Microsystems, Inc