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ISA 107: Advanced Instrumentation Techniques for Gas Turbine Engines

Under the auspices of the International Society of Automation (ISA), the above Standards Committee was created to develop standards to ensure the measurement accuracy of the various parameters necessary to safely and reliably operate a gas turbine engine.

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Scope of work:

This Standards Committee will organize, provide for sufficient participation, and manage subcommittees (writing/working groups) to support the projects it selects. Initially it started with two sub-committees (working groups) to develop new standards for two sensing technologies which address critical turbine engine measurement needs, Blade Tip Timing and Thermographic Phosphors. Since then an additional sub-committee was added in October 2010 to develop Standards for Blade Tip Clearance, and another sub-committee was added in June 2011 to set Standards for Wireless Data Transmission in the Test Cell Environment. Additional future standards topics regarding gas turbine engine instrumentation will be identified by this committee as the need arises.


To organize, manage, and coordinate all ISA Standards and Practices Department activities specifically related to gas turbine engine instrumentation.

While our purpose is to prepare ISA standards, this committee will have members from multiple countries and may eventually work with international standards bodies like the IEC.

ISA107 will do much of its work electronically, but also plans to holds face-to-face meetings twice annually (in conjunction with ISAís International Instrumentation Symposium (IIS) in the spring, and in conjunction with the Propulsion Instrumentation Working Groupís Fall Meeting. For more information on ISA107, contact Carol Cash at OAI (CarolCash@oai.org).