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Sensor Specifications

PIWG conducts turbine instrumentation research and development in areas that are of interest to all PIWG Members and Partners. Based on survey input from PIWGs membership, a listing of top technology focus areas was developed.

PIWG collectively focuses its energies and resources to develop state-of-the-art instrumentation and sensor technologies. To facilitate progress PIWG has formed technical sub-teams in the focus areas composed of technical specialists from member organizations chosen for their expertise in their particular disciplines. These sub-teams meet on their own, either through teleconferencing or in person, to address technologies in their related fields.

The technology areas listed below focus on development efforts required to meet anticipated instrumentation needs and offer potential technological solutions.

  1. Hot Section Dynamic Strain Measurements
  2. Surface Temperature Mapping
  3. High-Temperature Dynamic Pressure
  4. Blade Tip Deflection
  5. Planar Gas-Path Temperature
  6. Blade Tip Clearance
  7. Particulate Emissions
  8. Crack Detection
  9. Heat Flux
  10. Gas Species Emissions
  11. High-Temperature Static Strain
  12. Acoustic Emissions
  13. Thermal Barrier Coating Health
  14. Bearing Health